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Where am I at?

Wow, its been a while since I've made a legitimate post. I think maybe a year or more has gone by since I've updated status on LJ. I do have things I would post about, but the ideas mainly flow when I am at work. So I post a title, list a few points, and put the post on private, but you know how it is after a long day of work! Video games on, anime up, beer in hand, post... too tired for that! By the time I do look back at them, I've probably forgotten what they were about. I remember reading one such reminder post title: "borders on depression/sadness". Oh such a helpful hint to myself, I guess that's one emo post saved from rolling eyes. :P

I still do post, but most of it is stuff set to private, as I don't want to spam things up with the vote selections I made on the ISML. Which reminds me... today is a voting day, so go vote! ISML 2012.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a small update on what I've been up to these days outside of work. For the quick and dirty version, where minuses are downs and plus are ups:

Productive Things:
- Japanese Self Study
- Drawing
- Cooking
+ Piano Practice
+ Reading
+ Code
+ Gym
+ Tennis

Not So Productive Things:
- Games
+ Anime
++ Wasting my time browsing the web mindlessly, and other sorts of time wasting activities like sitting on the couch doing nothing and walking the border between sleep and wake; don't you wish you had this luxury? :D

Actually, this post was meant more for the status of my anime watching, but somehow became just status in general. Probably the biggest section I have to write will be regarding anime. We'll see when I write it!

For the decreases on productivity:


My Japanese self-study has ground to a slow pace. While deliberately studying, I was basically trying to memorize a bunch of kanji using electronic flash cards, and I think I burned myself out. I think I've been off it any time between half a year to a year.

What's left of my studying: I still do read an occasional manga in Japanese and look up any words in anime that I don't know (when I'm not too busy reading subtitles). I also read up on grammar points on spare time, while googling various tidbits that pop into my mind like:

nano, nanoni, nanda meanings/differences
nanka, nantonaku, nandaka, nantoka meanings/differences

And when I'm daring enough, I'll attempt to read a news article, but I usually have to look up like 4 of every 5 words.


Nothing since my February post from last year. I did have a couple of drawings ideas:
1. A half finished birthday gift drawing for an RO friend that is... late even for this year's birthday lol
2. A idea on drawing Mario, but I just don't have the art style developed to match my idea.


Ever since my dad got a job near my area, he's been living with me and doing the cooking for the past month or so.

For the increases on productivity:

Piano Practice

Have been increasing piano practice, though it waxes and wanes between 15 minutes to a couple hours, and more on the lesser end. Will post videos when I actually find some songs I play to an acceptable level. I did make a facebook group between a few friends to inspire us to practice.


Been trying to read more lately. Finally finished off the Sword of Truth series and just started reading Game of Thrones. Also finished off the Hunger Game series; would definitely recommend at least reading the first book. It was the first book I've read where I was not bored at one point through the whole book. I also randomly read I, Robot. Quite amazing the technological ideas they had in their heads before even the advent of computers.


Back when I was a kid, it was my dream to code a game solo. It still is. Through my middle and high school years, I learned coding in BASIC and was always trying to code up little game demos. I actually created a sprite/font editor for myself to use.

Anyway, been seeing how I could transfer some of the BASIC games I made back in the day to a modern language, but I wanted an easy one to learn, so I ended up picking up python and the pygame library. Tried coding a few very simple games; I have a set list of games to make (copy) in my mind before I consider myself strong enough in game design/coding to start making my own projects. You can see some things I've done here

Since my cousin was asking me to teach him to code, I starting looking for some websites on teaching a code illiterate person how to code. I stumbled across the code academy website, and starting going through the material they had on javascript. Lessons there get a bit repetitive for my taste, but maybe it works out better for newer programmers on reviewing concepts.


Ever since my dad came to live with us he needed a gym buddy. So I've been going with him a few days a week.


Lessons on Wednesdays, and play with my uncle a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Slowly getting better, but I need to put more time and focus into practicing.

Not So Productive Things:


I've actually been on a gaming low. Can't seem to stick with games for long and get bored of them quickly. Last I played was Dragon Quest 9. I got a bit of a ways through the game, but ended up being distracted by the number of side quests. I went on too long without progressing the main story and ended up getting bored. I recently got Terraria, but its one of those games where you can only play so much at once.


Now that I've reach the supposed longest section I feel like I'm all worded out, lol. Let me take a little breather from writing and I'll come back to this section.


I'm back! So I was taking a peek at the older things I've logged to look at when I started up on anime again. It looks like I started the beginning of last year with romcoms and dramas after I got bored of RO again. After getting through what I found from the genre (recommended suggestions and what not), I stumbled up ISML after a few months and started watching varies series from the competing characters. That kept me through most of last year.

This year, I've actually been following series that are currently airing. Originally, I had never done this before as I preferred having a series be completed so I can watch it all at once. Somehow, I like it better now that a series is split into one episode a week. I find that sometimes when I'm going through a whole series, I get burned out and so the 1 a week provides good spread on time I watch. The unfortunate part is that it's a gap big enough to almost forget what went on in the last episode.

I've been trying to mix and match watching airing series and older series to fill in the gaps. I do find it hard to watch though, as I have all the other commitments I mentioned above. Anyway, here are the airing shows I ended up watching this year, where parens are planned to watch but never did:

New Puriteni
Amagami SS+
High School DXD
(Familiar of Zero F)

Spring (More series this season):
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Accel World
Kuroko's Basketball
Mysterious GF X
Medaka Box
(Saki: Side A)
(Haiyore Nyarko)
(Is this a Zombie? S2)


On a side note, my buddy Ted mentioned that he got into board games a few years back. Somehow I've picked up on the fad and bought a number of board and card games to play with the family. Most popular seems to be Monopoly Deal.