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ISML 2011 Finals - Go Vote!

I'm utterly disappointed both Kanade and Kuroneko were knocked off in the semis. Though neither of the finalists touch my personal tastes in moe characters, I'll be putting my vote with Shana. I just don't see the moe in Biribiri... IMO she's way too tsun and not enough dere. Shana is the same way, but not to the same extent. Somehow I doubt Shana can overcome Misaka but if she does, it would be nice proof that Shana actually had some power and that it wasn't just character sniping that took out Kanade.

It's interesting how I wasn't as disappointed when my favorites for the tiara (Azusa and Yui[Angel Beats]) were knocked out. I suppose that could be from the fact that none of the characters I actually want to win are in the fight any more.

Anyway go vote... hopefully for Shana :P