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ISML Topaz Necklace

Statistics and images drawn from the ISML 2013 statistics page.

Looks like another heavy bias once again for the Topaz.

Contestant SDO/3 % to tie first
椎名ましろ 37.46 0
ユークリウッド・ヘルサイズ 31.32 6.14
逢坂大河 27.715 9.745
高坂桐乃 24.202 13.258
羽瀬川小鳩 21.824 15.636
御坂美琴 21.618 15.842
黒雪姫 16.898 20.562

And once again another ridiculous lead from the #1 contestant. Misaka's gonna need some strong support if she wants to see a necklace this year... not to be contemtpuous or anything, but let's see if she can pull the same amount of voters like she had on her match against Kanade... but to come up with a 15+% deficit over Mashiro, Eu, and Taiga doesn't seem plausible.

Among the contestants here, my support would go to either Eu or Kirino. Since Kirino is at too much of a deficit and has garnered too much hate over the end of the series, I'm going to put my vote on Eu. Not sure how I would weigh the moe-ness between the two of them, they're both pretty moe but the both have their un-moe flaws, Kirino being totally immature and Eu, well, not having much of a personality being practically a mute. However, I do think Mashiro has the contest in the bag pretty much. She's a strong contestant with no losses in her division of the regular season.

Guess after the spiel from the previous post, I've run out of juices for things to say. Sad that Azunyan will be out of it for the necklaces this year, and I believe her time has passed. Well, gotta move on to the new.

On another note, looks like after Kanade lost, Ruri was able to pull of a win against her. I think it would have been more difficult for Ruri if Kanade's streak was still running. Unfortunately, I forgot to vote the last round, but congrats to Ruri for going through this season unmarred.

By the way, here's the full table for the ISML matches. Match table. Just save the HTML code into an .html file and throw the file into your favorite browser.

Anywho, voting comes up tomorrow, so be sure to vote for you favorite character for the necklace! :3