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ISML Match Table

One of the things about the previous 2 ISML tournaments I missed is the javascript match viewer. I liked selecting a particular opponent and see how well they fared against other opponents, as well as which opponents the haven't went up against yet. It was a little clunky in use, but I thought it was a neat and practical tool.

Well, I don't know much javascript, but I was at least able to whip up some code to generate a table based off the ISML webpage.

Once again, the images are pulled from the ISML 2013 webpage.

Hmmm... that's kind of annoying. Looks like the generated HTML is too big for a live journal post. Guess I'll have to settle with screenshots and links to the code.

Nova Contestants:

Nova Contestants photo nova.png

Stella Contestants:

Stella Contestants photo stella.png

The generated HTML

The data - As you can see all I did was run to the statistics page and copied the contestants from the list. This is also why the graph ended up mostly red on the bottom and green on the top... the list I copied was ordered by contestant rank. The rest of the data is just copy paste HTML code from the ISML website. In particular I copied and pasted the HTML from the match cards section and parse the data here to retrieve the information I want, namely character names and number of votes for the match. On a smaller note, I had to make a modification to remove unicode characters from the names... like Louise's.

The generator - Written in java. As you can see from the data, the code is tailored specifically for the data. If you modify the source data, the code won't work. The code uses regular expressions to match specific patterns from the copy pasted data.