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ISML Topaz 1 Thoughts

FYI Lots of random disorganized thoughts in this post.

So it looks like the huge match between the big two, Kanade and Misaka, happened on Sunday. This day in particular seemed to draw in a lot of voters.

Anywho looks like Misaka bested Kanade 8758 to 8079. Congrats to Misaka for stopping Kanade's 100+ win streak.

I thought I wasn't annoyed by it, but I guess I must have been so for it to be noteworthy enough to be writing a post. Though I must say I'm not as upset as the time the Kanade was shut down from the Tiara in... 2011 was it? My appeal for Kanade has long since declined since she won last year, and both of them are close enough in power that it really could go either way. To be honest, I think this 100+ win run Kanade is on is pretty ridiculous.

Still doesn't change the fact that I still consider her more moe than Misaka though. I don't have anything against Misaka, I think she's cute and all, but she doesn't have that moe gyun effect on me. Maybe watching the next season of the index/railgun series will change my mind, but as I've mentioned before, I tend to prefer the quite / dere types over tsun types. That's just my tastes.

A lot of people on the forums are excited that Kanade was finally taken down. But I really can't help but think it's just a one time deal. I feel like the reason for Kanade's fall are because of anti votes from being too popular or too successful. Not that Misaka was the more moe character. In this sense I don't really feel that this is not really much of a moe competition anymore.

On that line of thought, I also feel like this is becoming less about moe. There are some characters here where I have no idea how people see them as moe, like Rikka's sister Touka. I get no moe vibes from her at all and don't understand how she's popular enough to be able to have a chance of making it to the post season. To each their own I guess...

As much as I'd like to support my favorites, Azusa and currently the new comer Suguha, I don't know if I'll be participating in future ISML after this year. I'll just use it as a reference for moe anime to watch.