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ISML Emerald Necklace

Statistics drawn from the ISML 2013 statistics page.

It's that time again. For the emerald necklace we have a huge bias:

Contestant SDO/3 % to tie first
小鳥遊六花 34.103 0.000
椎名ましろ 28.936 5.167
羽瀬川小鳩 26.352 7.751
御坂美琴 24.855 9.248
黒雪姫 23.431 10.672
シャナ 22.758 11.345
新垣あやせ 15.769 18.334

This is even more ridiculous than Asuna's previous lead. Aside from the fixed matchups from the ISML staff to "make things more interesting", I hear that SDO sniping goes around. How this works? You find out who your favorite character is matched against for the given necklace. Then you give her opponents as much a boost in SDO as possible by anti voting their opponents (farming). Then proceed to demolish them when they face your favorite. I'm not sure if this can happen as I don't believe that ISML releases the opponent schedule. Which means people will have to try to predict the schedule... though I suppose that does get easier as every round passes.

Anyway, chuunibyou fans rejoice, as Rikka has the lead by 5%+ over the runner up Mashiro. Kobato and Misaka follow with ~8% and ~9% respectively. So unless Mashiro can somehow miraculously rack up some huge fanbase out of nowhere and get a 5.16% number of voters over Rikka, it's pretty much safe to say Rikka has the necklace. Even Misaka's popularity of last round was only able to get her a 2% lead over Asuna. Since lopsided matches like this split the hardcore fans who stick their guns and those that give up and vote near the top, I think it's pretty much decided.

Sadly, I don't think Azunyan will ever hit a necklace. She's always getting trumped by one big shot or another, and K-On is on the decline. ;_;

On another note, I'm surprised at Ayase's popularity. I guess the last few eps of Oreimo 2 has really given her a huge boost. Even enough to beat Kirino... though I hear spoiler sounding "It's because of volume 12" was what killed Kirino's popularity.

Honestly, no one from this group strikes me as well. I found I tend towards those that are more deredere and quiet types as moe. Certainly Rikka is cute with her little "hau~" every time she gets hit. Mashiro sort lacks the deredere as it seems she's emotionally dysfunctional. Kobato is just non moe imouto, Misaka is too tsun, Kuroyukihime lacks dere (although I think she is prettily drawn), Shana in the same boat as Misaka. Ayase is an awesome character, although her yandere fits are scary (and amusing)... so she also falls a bit short of moe as well. :< I think I'll just go with Ayase, as these are all personally mid tier characters for me.

Anywho, voting comes up tomorrow, so be sure to vote for you favorite character for the necklace! :3