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ISML Ruby Necklace

Statistics and what not drawn from the ISML 2013 statistics page.

Tomorrow comes the Ruby necklace showdown. Here's how things are looking:

Contestant SDO/3 % to tie first
結城明日奈 36.708 0
秋山澪 32.306 4.402
小鳥遊六花 27.401 9.307
御坂美琴 25.691 11.018
椎名ましろ 25.491 11.217
黒雪姫 21.236 15.473
逢坂大河 18.663 18.046

Don't know how it happened, but Asuna has a HUUUUUUUUGE lead over the rest of the opponents. I think the only character that might be able to match her is Mio, unless some unprecedented blowout with Misaka or Mashiro happens. But we're talking about a roughly 10% gap separating Asuna and the third place and below girls. Realisticly only Mio stats a chance with only a 4.4% gap. That's where my vote is going.

Now I'm not a Asuna hater. I totally love Asuna, as I loved the Sword Art Online series. But while I really liked Asuna, I unfortunately did not get moe vibes from her. To me, she's just a typical girl. No gyun from her at all. It almost seems like it takes something specific / abnormal to hit that moe spot for me... huh.

Azunyan got destroyed again for this round, facing both Taiga and Mio. Sadly Azusa still can't take down Mio, and I just don't get the impression she ever will. And among the other I'm cheering for, Suguha, is so far not looking to make the cut for the finals. :<

From this group, the only one who strikes my fancy would be Mio, but on my list, she's on the lower end of the upper tier moe characters. Next would be the upper end middle tier characters in this order: Rikka, Taiga, Asuna.

I've decided to remove the votes for in the statistics since, as mentioned before, it doesn't really give a good image as it depends on who your opponents were for that round. A weaker contestant might have a higher vote for count than a stronger one, if she beat a bunch of low levels, while the stronger one barely fought off tough opponents.

On a side note, I've finally decided to code up a quick thing in Java to generate this table for me, given a specific tab delimited unicode text file. The file is generated from excel, after I've formatted the data properly. I was inserting the values manually at work before hand. Yea... bored at work. The only thing I need to manually put in is the thumbnails, since those aren't inputted into my spreadsheet.

Anywho, voting comes up tomorrow, so be sure to vote for you favorite character for the necklace! :3