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ISML Amethyst Necklace

Statistics and what not drawn from the ISML 2013 statistics page.

The Amethyst necklace showdown is coming up on Thursday. Here's how things are looking:

Contestant SDO/3 Percentage difference needed to tie current
first place
Votes For

32.958 0.00038036
椎名ましろ 30.087 2.87135510
黒雪姫 28.822 4.13634774
シャナ 28.452 4.50630437
ユークリウッド・ヘルサイズ 27.788 5.17034343
小鳥遊六花 23.997 8.96137820
御坂美琴 20.528 12.43035448

Once again, Azunyan was knocked out of the chances for a necklace when pit up against the ever increasingly popular Kuroneko. ;_; I gotta admit that the last few eps of Oreimo 2 have increased her moeness. However, unlike Kuroneko, Azunyan is one of the few that has the moe gyun effect on me.

Seems like 2012 is repeating itself as Kuroneko is practically a shoe in for the Amethyst necklace, yet again with almost a 3 percent lead over the next in standings. It's not impossible for Mashiro or Kuroyukihime to pull a defeat over the rising Oreimo star. They seem to be popular with the fans, and there may be enough anti-Kuroneko/anti-Hanakana/anti-repeat-winner sentiment to knock off Ruri. Even Shana could pull this off despite her decline in popularity, if her fans rally enough votes. After all this is one of the few necklaces that Shana has yet to add to her collection (the other being the Topaz).

Once again, I've added the votes for in the statistics so you can get a feel of how popular the character is. I might consider taking that section out... now that I think about it, the "Votes for" are a bit biased as it depends on who your opponents were for that round. A weaker contestant might have a higher vote for count than a stronger one, if she beat a bunch of low levels, while the stronger one barely fought off tough opponents.

Once again, this particular group doesn't really have many candidates that strike my moe fancy. Although I like a number of the characters in the group, they just don't hit the right spot, the way Azunyan or Sunohara Mei (sadly, not a contestant) does. As for the cuter ones in the group, I'd have to go with Ruri, Eu, or Rikka... but as the latter 2 are a long shot from winning, I'm going to throw in my support for Ruri.

Anywho, voting comes up on Thursday again, so be sure to vote for you favorite character for the necklace! :3