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ISML 2013 Aquamarine Necklace

Statistics and what not drawn from the ISML 2013 statistics page.

Here's how things look for the Aquamarine necklace:

Contestant SDO/3 Percentage difference needed to tie current
first place
Votes For

34.349 0.00041408
羽瀬川小鳩 31.931 2.41836010
椎名ましろ 31.633 2.71636737
黒雪姫 29.486 4.86338095
五更瑠璃(黒猫) 26.726 7.62239942
逢坂大河 23.711 10.63837390
高坂桐乃 22.078 12.27133679

Azunyan was slated for a chance at the necklace, but unfortunately on the last round got put up against the brick wall of Kanade and so got pushed down with her one loss. ;_;

Anywho, looks like there's a considerable chance Kanade might take another Aquamarine necklace. She does have a 2+ percent lead over other contestants. While not impossible it is a considerable climb considering Kanade's surprisingly continuing popularity. Then again, who knows what may happen. People tend to want change and not to support consecutive necklace winners, so Kobato and Mashiro might have a chance. Kuroyukihime will need a miracle. As for the rest, try again next time.

I've also added the votes for in the statistics so you can get a feel of how popular the character is. It seems almost definite that Kanade will be the winner. The only doubt I feel keeping her from winning is what I've mentioned earlier on how double winners aren't all that popular.

This particular group doesn't really have many candidates that strike my moe fancy. Was thinking of voting Kirino to support my favorite Taketatsu contestants in the running. Though if you were to ask me who I would think is most moe in this group, I probably would go for Kanade.

Anywho, voting comes up on Thursday, so be sure to vote for you favorite character. :3