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ISML 2013 regular season started!

Jeez, I totally sound like a walking ISML ad, since that's all I've been posting these days, when I do post at all. Anyhow, I have a few new favorite characters this season, aside from my normal Azunyan and co.: the imouto gang, Kirigaya Suguha and Araragi Tsukihi. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be doing all that hot. I guess their types are not all that popular, unlike Kodaka's sister, who is surprisingly #2 on the charts. After the first 4 votes and their under 50% vote ratio, I don't entertain any hope of them reaching the finals. And Suguha was one of my favorites of the seasons ;_;. Well I guess there is still a ways to go before the end, though I think it unlikely, maybe something will change.

Anywho, regardless of whether you support my favorites or not, go vote! :3